useful phrases in french
...for most situations

On this page you will find the most useful phrases in french, if you intend to speak basic french. Remember that french people will always be grateful when you try, even when it is only asking them if they speak english, in french of course...

  • parlez vous anglais ? do you speak english ?
  • je ne comprends pas
  • I don’t understand

  • je ne parle pas français I don’t speak french
  • pouvez vous parler plus lentement, s’il vous plaît ? could you speak more slowly, please ?
  • pouvez vous m’indiquer un bon restaurant ?
  • could you recommend a good restaurant ?

  • quel direction pour aller.... what direction should I take to go ...
  • à la boulangerie to the bread maker
    • à la patisserie to the cake shop
    • à la pharmacie to the pharmacist
    • au marché to the market ...

    ...and a lot more useful phrases in french

    to speak basic french is easy, (...OK I am french but I had to do it in english) grab any opportunity to at least say...


    merci beaucoup

    je veux ...

    • un café a coffee
    • un verre de vin a glass of wine
    • un kilo de fraise two pounds of strawberries ...

    ...and take a dictionary in your pocket so you can prepare what to say to the waiter at the cafe or at the market looking for your fabulous picnic food. You could make a list of the words you are going to use the most, food to taste, places to see.

    watch every french movies you can put your hands on, get used to the music of the french language and listen to french songs all day long and then you will be sooo much better at speaking french

    If you are interested in discovering french you don’t learn in class check this entertaining site from an american and australian women in Paris.

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