My life is a dream and I love it...from Paris to Aix en Provence to Texas

Gregg born in Little Rock, Arkansas

Lily born in Paris, France

What makes me so sure that I can realize my dreams ?

Simply because the best dream I followed got me from Aix en Provence to Texas, where I met and married Gregg.

Before Texas, there was Paris...

I took my first steps in Le jardin du Luxembourg and not very long after discovered the beauty of taking steps in nature. I never wanted to go back to Paris after summer vacation at my grandparents farm near Cahors.

Until it was clear to me...

J’aime plus Paris

I don’t like Paris any more

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From Paris to St Tropez

Who could resist living there, I could not...

Adventure is calling and takes me on different continents.

Six months in India, living in a bamboo hut with two other french women, we are still friends. Another six months in Australia and back to France after spending the summer in Santa Cruz, California. I find myself in between travel staying for a few months in a wonderful estate in the vineyards backing St Tropez

Another dream adventure is pulling me to America, where I reside for a few years. My return back to France happened right after the Berlin wall fell and I find myself setting up shop in the beautiful city of Aix en Provence. A few years pass and a few adventures until I know for sure that my dream is waiting for me back in America...and he is.

From Aix en Provence to Texas

maps have always been a big part in helping me dream about places I have never been, or very familiar places I love to revisit. Now they have become so extraordinary that you can visit the streets of a city on another continent, sitting at your desk. So have fun with this bird eye view of the south of France.

My first meeting with Gregg happened just two days after I arrived in Austin Texas. I was supposed to stay with friends until I knew what my next move was going to be... Everything went fast, we met in September 98, married in May 99 and knowing now more and more how to get happy

The best way to realize your dreams...Get happy

My intention is for you to be as happy as you can preparing your trip to France as you are being there.


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