how to speak french
...and have fun

Total immersion

The most fun and efficient solution on how to speak french is.....
to go and live there for a while. Eat, drink and sleep french.
And let's face it if you want to speak french it must be because you would like to go there, so... go
Nothing better than to immerse yourself in a place and surrounded by the language you will practically learn by osmosis. Plus you get to see this beautiful country.
There are many ways you could spend time in France. Let me show you a few...

  • seasonal jobs
  • Before inquiring about possible seasonal jobs
    check this site for information about work permits.
    If you don't mind bending down grape picking could be for you or fruit picking or any seasonal job.
    What about having a crew job on boats, yatchs and barges in France.
    Check this site for US university students .

    You can look for work before going or you can just go and take your chances. A lot of the work in France is paid under the table, "travail au noir" and in that case you don't need to worry about work permit. Any special skilled worker will be in demand, look in very touristic areas, like the french coast in summer and ski stations in winter.

  • volunteer work
  • Get a general idea about volunteer jobs in France
    You can stay in a french family and teach them English.

  • homestay
  • Learn to speak fluent french by staying with your tutor's family you get a one on one instruction and immersion in french life.

  • take a french language course
  • ... in France, and you have many choices in very beautiful places.
    learn french on the Riviera
    or in the historic southern town of Montpellier

    how to speak french with songs

    Learning how to pronounce french

    Whether you choose to visit France now or later, you can learn a lot from the comfort of your house.,
    Everyday you can surround yourself with the sounds of french language.
    How to speak french in the relaxed atmosphere of your home...

  • watch french movies
  • from the old classics when the actors used a more theatrical speech , somewhat slower and easier to understand, to the modern films with everyday language.
    Make a game of trying to recognize a few words each time you watch and remember that you are training your ear to a new kind of music and music is fun.
    Check my selection of movies in the south of France, where you also get to travel in your chair and look at the page on french actresses for even more great movie selection

  • listen to french songs
  • certainly singing is one of the best way on how to speak french language. Check out also my page on french singers to find your best sing along.

  • watch french tv
  • and all the french youtube videos on subjects that interest you, like this one from a french tv show featuring a famous stand up comic Florence Forresti in a parody of Isabelle Adjani

  • take the best dictionary with you
  • Over 270,000 definitions • No internet connection required • Hundreds of usage notes and examples • Conjugates thousands of French and English verbs.
    My husband has used it with great satisfaction and is very happy with the convenience of a pocket size dictionary which contains everything he needs.

    useful phrases in french