Why french rose wine ?

the best french rose wine to enjoy in summer, even when you are not spending it in the south of France, is coming from the Provence region.

80% of the wine made in Provence is rosé. When you go there, make sure you taste a lot of different varieties, each part of Provence has its own "appellation controlée" or AOC for wine growing in different areas with particular characteristics in soil and micro climate. Bandol, Côtes de Provence, Côtes du Luberon , Coteaux d'Aix en Provence, Cassis... they all have something different to offer.

France is the producer of 1/3 of the world rosé and Provence is its heart and has been historically since vine came in the 6th BC with the greeks and the romans. Rosé is probably the oldest wine in history dating back to Egypt.

How to make rosé wine ?

A true rosé is dry with fresh fruit flavors and sometimes citrus, in Provence it is a blend of Syrah and Grenache and also Mourvedre, Cinsault, Carignan... The wonderful pink color comes from the skin of red grapes left in contact with macerating juices long enough to give it a color more or less intense.

To know more about the art of making wine, listen to Alan Wilson, owner of Saint Estève de Néri at the foot of the Luberon, where all the villages around are very much worthy of a visit.

french rose wine making

My best tips to enjoy french rose wine

Go to Provence this summer and take the time to travel on the small roads and visit the wineries, nothing better comes to mind... and from my extensive experience, it tastes even better...

  • when you share it with friends
  • in a delightful cafe with a great view
  • after a strenuous walk along the coast and the only restaurant on the beach is serving it cold with fresh oysters...