famous french people in love

let's look at famous french people and their lovers that have made some waves in their time with their unconventional, unexpected, faithful or forbidden love...

Marcel Cerdan with Edith Piaf Very famous love affair that ended tragically when the plane carrying Marcel Cerdan crashed in the Atlantic in 1949.Their lives and love have made it to the big screen. First in 1983 Edith et Marcel by director Claude Lelouch. More recently with La vie en rose for which the beautiful french actress Marion Cotillard won the Golden Globe.

" la vie en rose" with lyrics in french and english

Simone de Beauvoir with Sartre Their meeting in 1929 is described by Simone in one of her books as "the essential event in my existence" It was a non conformist relationship, they never married or lived together and had both other lovers, sometimes shared. Both were part of the existentialist movement.

Jean Cocteau with Jean Marais in 1946 Cocteau directed a young Jean Marais in the beautiful dreamy La Belle et la Bête The Beauty and the Beast

Rimbaud with Verlaine

...and closer to us...

Serge Gainsbourg with Jane Birkin As for their relation it started with a big scandal in 1969 when they recorded together my personal best french sexy love song Je t'aime, moi non plus A very erotic explicit song that Serge Gainsbourg wrote in 1968 for his lover Brigitte Bardot, who was married at the time.

check the album Je t'aime moi non plus

Brigitte Bardot with Roger Vadim He was married with BB, had a child with Catherine Deneuve and married Jane Fonda. Their achievement together is the 1956 movie et Dieu créa la femme And God created woman in which Bardot seduces with St Tropez as a backdrop.

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Vanessa Paradis with Johnny Depp She became famous in France at the age of 14 with a song called Joe le taxi she met Johnny Depp in 1998, they have a house in the south of france near Saint Tropez.

vanessa sings her Divine Idylle

Carla Bruni with Nicolas Sarkozy the unexpected marriage of a italian model to a french president

hear Carla Bruni sing

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