Learn a few common french phrases and have a great time in France...

Learning a few common french phrases, essential words and key expressions will obviously help you communicate and understand others better.

And...you will be greatly rewarded because the french people you are trying to talk to, will be so much nicer and obliging, thanks to your efforts.

...sit back and relax, have a glass of wine and generally get in the french spirit and ambiance. this will make learning basic french phrases much easier.

A few tips before going to France

Learn perfectly the few essential words that could make you feel more at ease.

Find a great dictionary that is just the right size for you and check my best tips on how to learn and speak french.

Listen to french as much as you can, watch the videos on this site and sing along french songs.

more useful phrases in french

At the Café Restaurant

  • je veux
  • I want

  • un café, s'il vous plait
  • a coffee please

  • avec du lait
  • with milk

  • je veux boire un verre de vin
  • I want to drink a glass of wine

  • c'est combien ?
  • how much is it?

  • l'addition, s'il vous plait
  • the bill, please


  • bonjour
  • good morning

  • bon aprés midi
  • good afternoon

  • bonsoir
  • good evening

  • bonne nuit
  • good night

  • salut
  • bye (familiar)

  • au revoir
  • see you again

  • à bientôt
  • see you soon

  • à tout à l'heure
  • see you later

  • à plus tard, à plus
  • see you later

  • à demain
  • see you tomorrow

  • adieu
  • farewell

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