So, what is your south of France dream ?

Magic words... south of France... what do you see ?


.you are on one of the river cruises, maybe floating along on the canal du midi.

. sunbathing nude (or not) on the best beaches in France.

. enjoying the french ski resorts in the south of the alps with the sun.

. simply sipping french rose wine at a cafe in Aix en Provence.

. discovering the fantastic french markets.

...and so many more great things to do in the south of France...

Think of me as the best travelling companion to help you realize your unique dream.


This site contains everything I have learned over the years of working and living in the south of france.

Living now in west Texas with my american husband, you will benefit from both our experiences as insider and a tourist.


There are a lot of places to visit in France but we will go beyond the usual tourist attractions to discover a new approach. You will find very useful france travel information, including on france trains and driving in France especially on the back roads that I love so much.

Whether you choose to visit one of the french cities of the south, like Aix or Marseille, or you want to stay in the calm countryside. You will find information about self catering in France, staying in a hotel, renting a gite or even camping.

We will look at french social customs, strange or funny or just good to know for a smart traveller. Fun and useful tips on how to speak french and french love phrases to learn , in case... Always useful to know how to speak french, at least a little.

My greatest desire is to be able to help you realize your dream of the south of France.


There is nothing like a dream to create the future. Victor Hugo. (french 1802-1885)

.... à votre santé et bon appétit


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